Our credentialing program enables members to be formally recognised for their knowledge and skills in quality, safety and risk management. If you qualify, you can attain post nominals as Fellow or Associate Fellow of the Association. This is the highest level of recognition of contributions at a strategic level in the health industry, and will be an invaluable boost to your career.

The credentialing program is open to members of the AAQHC.

To apply for the AAQHC Credentialing Program, please complete the appropriate form below.


Fellowship Application Form 
Associate Fellowship Application Form

Members can become a Fellow or Associate Fellow of AAQHC. This award is a public recognition of your knowledge, experience and qualifications. The Professional Development and Credentialing (PDAC) Committee and the Board of Examiners are committees responsible for the credentialing program including examinations for Fellow status.

Board of Examiners:

Dr Cathy Balding

Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

Dr Marjorie Pawsey

Professor Clifford Hughes

Mr Graham Bedford            

Dr Heather Wellington