The Australasian Association for Quality in Health Care (AAQHC) was established at the first national conference for quality assurance in health care, convened by the South Australian Quality Assurance Research Officers Association Inc. (SAQAROA) held in April 1990, in Adelaide. This group comprised the early quality and medical record officers at the time.

The SAQAROA President, Dr Ian Steven, was elected as President of the new national association.  SAQAROA contributed a donation from the conference profits and also secured a grant from the Minister for Community Services and Health through the Community Organisation Support Program to assist the establishment of the association which was subsequently incorporated in Adelaide on October 19, 1992.  It is a member-driven, not-for-profit organisation served by a volunteer Council comprised of representatives from all Australian States and Territories and New Zealand.

AAQHC membership is a great investment for individuals and organisations in the public and private health care industry throughout Australasia. The diversity of the membership base provides a vast source of contacts, information and funds to ensure it remains a pivotal influence in the health care industry.

Primarily the Australasian Association for Quality in Health Care exists to serve its members by:

  • providing support and encouragement to individuals and organisations seeking to improve health outcomes for consumers
  • providing a voice on safety and quality issues
  • facilitating opportunities for communication and co-operation as well as exchange of ideas and experiences
  • facilitating and supporting ongoing education and development
  • recognising qualifications and experience to Associate Fellow and Fellow status through a credentialing program

To develop and foster alliances with related national and international bodies



The AAQHC Constitution

AAQHC Constitution November 2019

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